How we do it


We seek to generate impact in an easy and fast way, based on doing, thus multiplying possibilities of generating new value together with your coworkers and failing at low cost.

Through an iterative working model, focused on the user, we guarantee the validation or early invalidation of the assumptions that sustain your business and value relations.

Our three-phased model (Immersion, Sustainability e Implementation) allow us to offer integral accompaniment in the different challenges of your organization, guarantying that each offer, product or service is the result of a real market opportunity. Immersion facilitates the understanding of the challenges to face (problem, pain, opportunity), who it affects and which solutions can be provided. The search for sustainability permits deciding the way in which your, by the market valued offer, will affect your business and will hold up through time. Implementation is our commitment, so that the design and the performed tests become reality in a structured way and at low cost…

We take responsibility for our design

How we achieve it

We work in the field when we want to understand the environment of your business and we teach you to do it. We have learned that solutions to the challenges of companies and entrepreneurs can be found in their own strategic users. It is they who can best describe their desires and preoccupations; our work is to assist them to do so. We accompany the different phases of the process of development, seeking to bring the necessary competences over to your coworkers, which will permit them to take charge of the business in the future.


We work together combining different knowledge and specialties, guarantying a holistic understanding of your business and an implementation that makes sense to each person in your organization. Through working with your strategic users, we facilitate the emergence of new findings, which will be supported and agreed upon by the entire chain of value.


Our model of thinking is backed by Design Thinking, Lean Start Up and Customer Development. Our methodology feeds upon Canvass Business Model, This is Service Design Thinking & Doing, NABC, VP Canvas, Blue Ocean Strategy, among others, customizing our offer accordingly to the reality and expectations of our clients.