Sofia Klapp - Sofia

Contributor for Petit

Organizational psychologist from Universidad Católica de Chile, Graduate of Business management from Universidad de Chile and certified in innovation and entrepreneurship by the program “Stanford Ignite Santiago” from Stanford Business School. Trainings in methodologies for innovation, such as: Lean Start-up, Design Thinking, Creative problem solving and Service Design and Experiences.

I have worked as a consulter for the Innovation Management Unit of Dictuc, of the Business School of UC. Specializing in human capital for innovation, change management for cultural transformations and in development – acceleration of innovation projects. I have participated in more than 20 innovation management programs and projects for different industries, among which mining, banking, retail, transport, Information Technology and different organizations in the public sector.

In parallel I have participated as an independent consulter for two technology enterprises (Electronics and InnovaEngine), supporting the creation of value proposition and the functional and social emotional requirements of their products.

Their interests are focused on challenges that involve technology and design of service experiences as a means to increase productivity and competitiveness of organizations.